I'm Daniel Riemer and I am running to be your Representative in the State Assembly in Wisconsin's 7th District.

I'm running because too many Wisconsinites have moved away to pursue opportunities in other states.  We all know why.  Wisconsin has taken a beating.  We’ve been knocked down by the economy.  Jobs are harder to find.  Wages aren't rising. Our teachers and schools are hurting. Health care costs keep climbing and climbing. Taxes are far too high.

But I believe we can make this community a place where people want to stay, and come back to, because the best opportunities are here.  

• We have excellent schools that anchor our neighborhoods and community.  We should keep it that way, instead of drastically cutting education.  

• Without small businesses, our communities lack jobs and character.  Let's support our local businesses, instead of cutting taxes for large corporations that send jobs elsewhere.  

• I learned to swim in Jackson Park pool, and played soccer and football in parks all over the Milwaukee area.  We should renew our community by supporting the parks, pools, and recreation programs that make it such an excellent place to live.  

• We should lower taxes on seniors, middle class homeowners, and working families who need tax breaks the most.  That means restoring the Homestead Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

We have to change what’s going on in Madison.  We’ve got to end the partisan bickering and name-calling.  We need legislators who act like grown-ups and work together to solve the serious problems we’re facing.

I’m running for the Assembly to bring a new energy to the needs of this district. I’m not a career politician.  I just want to work hard for change in the community that made me who I am.

Milwaukee and Wisconsin can get back on our feet again and move forward.  With the right kind of leadership, we can create jobs for people who are willing to work.  We can make sure those who do work have economic security.  We can give our teachers and schools the support they deserve. We can hold down health care costs. And we can make sure that taxes don’t destroy the hard-earned savings of working families. 

I’m running for the Assembly to bring a new approach to Madison.  I’d welcome your support on November 4th.

Paid for by Riemer for Assembly, Danuta Kurczewski, Treasurer